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Attracting top talent is tough before your brand and reputation are established. Good people always have choices, and it’s hard to attract and find the ones each of us want. After nearly a decade in the hiring business, we’ve decided to share what we know. Welcome to our Hiring 101 Series, a set of great lessons developed for growing companies who need to attract, and hire, great people.

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4 HR Stories to Watch in 2018

January 05 2018

HR Manager with binocularsGet your Human Resources team prepared to start the year off strong by staying up-to-speed with some of the most talked about HR news stories on the radar in early 2018. Here are 4 stories that HR Managers and Legal Experts are watching closely as we move into the new year:

Inspiration to Lead in 2018

December 13 2017

As 2017 winds down, we wanted to share some inspirational words of wisdom from a few successful business leaders and industry shakers. Our hope is that some of their advice will inspire you to seek greater career satisfaction and professional success in the coming year—whether it’s growing your business, making long-needed staff changes, re-defining your leadership approach, or branching out into a new market. Here’s to 2018! We hope it’s your best year yet!

How Do You Verify I-9’s for Remote Employees?

November 08 2017

Verifying I-9’s for remote employees is a tricky business. Legally you must comply with the same verification window that you have for local employees, but this obviously isn’t feasible when a new hire lives very far away. How do you remain compliant while not spending a fortune in travel fees to personally verify the validity of documents? Here are 4 things you need to know about I-9 compliance for remote employees:

Ready for Open Enrollment?

October 26 2017

Open EnrollmentOpen Enrollment season is officially upon us, and this time of year is a reminder of just how much you’re investing in employee benefits. Don’t let your money go to waste!! Here are 5 ways to demonstrate the value of your benefits and help your HR manager keep her sanity year-round.

Is Your Work-From-Home Policy Up to Code?

October 12 2017

Employee Working on the CouchOur world is becoming increasingly more unpredictable. With this comes not just the desire, but sometimes the need for your employees to work remotely. Permitting employees to telecommute increases your options too. It allows you to hire a talented person who lives in a state where you don’t have an office, and it can also let you help existing employees have the flexibility they desperately need to maintain a positive work/life balance. Creating a remote, “work-from-home” policy is the first step in addressing the parameters and expectations for telecommuting to ensure your remote employees are successful. Here are our top 5 tips for beginning (or updating) your work-from-home policy:

Toss Out Your Pre-Recession Hiring Practices

September 28 2017

Unemployment is at an all-time low. With end-of-summer statistics coming in around 4% for Florida, 4.7% for Georgia and New York, and 4.8% for Chicago—this is great news for job creation and our economy. The jobs are there and companies are hiring. This means the employment market is tightening and wage competition is increasing. The likelihood that previously stable employees will have recruiters after them offering choices is high. It’s not just about a job anymore, employees feel they can afford to be pickier and expect more from their employer. People are less likely to “grin and bear it” when they have options. Make sure your company, and your hiring strategy are well positioned to succeed in an environment where job seekers are no longer a surplus. Update your pre-recession hiring practices with these 3 tips:

Hurricane Checklist for the Workplace

September 06 2017

hurricaneWhen hurricanes crop up and threaten to derail regularly scheduled business, it’s important to take charge of critical tasks and formulate a plan to communicate effectively during the storm. When panic sets in, it’s easy to overlook things that make returning to work less of a headache. Here is a quick hurricane checklist to help your company cover the basics:

Are Interns Worth the Hassle?

August 29 2017

internsUnemployment is the lowest it's been in 10 years. This is great news for our economy, but it gives employers new hiring challenges. When you’re ready to grow, you may find that the number of qualified applicants is not as large as it was a few years ago. One of the best (and often under-tapped) hiring resources is a strong internship program. However, interns are notoriously challenging to manage and often require hand-holding that company leaders don’t have time for. Striking the right balance between managing interns, seeing them progress, and ensuring they have a great experience takes a little finesse. Here are some tips to help your team keep their sanity and ensure your internship program positively contributes to your hiring strategy:

Your Hiring Process is Too Long

August 17 2017

long roadHow long has it been since you’ve revisited the different steps involved in your hiring process? We often see processes stay in place because people are too busy to question the system. This is a big pitfall when it comes to recruiting and hiring talented people. How many steps and how many days does it take a candidate to go from an application to an offer letter? According to a study done a couple of years ago by Glassdoor, the national average is 23 days—or just over three weeks. And more recent reports have this average closer to 30 days. What are the pros and cons to a faster hiring process? Read on to find out…

Are You a Good Boss?

August 02 2017

boss kidYou’ve heard it before: “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.” At 4.3%, the current unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 10 years. This is great news for job seekers (and our economy), but bad news for employers because it means employees have more options. In short, don’t take your team for granted by making assumptions about their commitment. Here are 5 reasons your employees are circulating their resumes:

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